The ultimate exercises to improve posture

Posture might not be something that you worry too much about, but you should never neglect it. Bad posture can have serious side effects on your health, including back pain and increased tiredness. There are many ways that we can negatively impact our posture, including slouching, being sedentary and spending too long looking down at a computer, but very few of us are aware of how to combat it. Here are some exercises to do just that.

The reverse plank bridge

This exercise involves making a bridge with your body, but the hard way. Both your hands and feet need to be flat on the floor, while the rest of you is facing up towards the ceiling. In this position, your body resembles a bridge (though we don’t recommend anyone try going under you). The best way to get the most out of the exercise is to keep your arms straight, your shoulder blades together, and to have your chest as high up as you can get it. This will extend your spin and do wonders for your posture.

The arch up

There are three ways to get the most out of this exercise. The first is to hold your arms up and raise them as high as you can manage. Imagine that you’re trying to grab something just out of reach. After that, repeat the movement but lifting your arms to the side. You want your shoulder blades to get as close together as possible. Finally, do the first step again, only this time have you thumbs sticking up.

The plank

There’s a good chance that you’ll have heard of this one before. If you haven’t, there’s not much to it. All you need to do is hold your body up using bent arms and the tips of your toes. While that may sound easy, be warned – it’s harder than it sounds. You’ll feel the effects of it very quickly, and it will take some motivation not to give up. Just make sure that your legs are straight and your lower back doesn’t go down, and you’ll be fine.

The wall angel

If you want to know what state your posture is currently in, doing a wall angel can actually tell you. All it requires is making a snow angel, but against a wall (and without any snow, obviously). Doing this will give you an indication of how strong or weak your posture is, and help to stretch your shoulders.

Against the wall

This is another exercise that requires you to stretch against the wall, and it’s incredibly simple. With your hands behind your head, put your elbows against the wall and then rest on it. Try pushing your elbows as high up as you can to stretch your spine and work out any kinks.

Preventing text neck

This is an exercise that we can all get behind, and it’s probably the easiest one here. Whenever you use your phone, don’t look down at it. This is how you get pain in your neck and shoulders, as well as tension headaches. By lifting your head up and staring at your phone straight up, you’ll do wonders for your posture. If you can’t use your phone this way, put it away. You need good posture more than you need to respond that last text message.

The opportunity to improve your posture is always there, but it gets harder the older you become. Don’t waste any time. If you think your posture needs improvement, start following these exercises today.