Getting the most out of your TRX workout

It’s crucial that you try to maintain a fit and healthy body, and look after yourself as much as possible. Healthy living is really important for all of us, and working out is one of the best ways of achieving the health we want. There are loads of different diets and exercise regimes you can be a part of that will help you to get fitter and improve your body. One of the more recent and popular examples of this is a TRX workout.

This is an abbreviation for ‘total-body resistance exercise’ and is one of the most intense and rewarding workouts you can do. It’s important to find what works for you and to put in enough effort that you won’t have to wait too long before you start seeing results. Getting the most out of your TRX workout is all about diligence and application – and these are some tips to help you enjoy the best possible outcome.

Understand how it works

The first thing you need to do is understand what a TRX workout is, and how it works. TRX first started in the US Navy SEALS, where it was necessary for people to push their bodies and workout at a high level of intensity. It incorporates the use of straps and resistance-based exercises. This is a great way of giving your body a more intense level of exercise, and shaping your body the way you want to. And, one of the things that has made this so popular is the fact you can do it inside and outside of the gym.

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Familiarize yourself with the equipment

You need to make sure you familiarize yourself with the equipment needed for TRX workouts as well. Once you’re a little more up to speed with how things work you will find it much easier, but the first couple of times this can be tricky. The use of straps is the principal component of TRX workouts, and you can adjust these straps to increase the intensity of your exercises. Make sure you test the equipment first and figure out how to adjust the straps if needed, as well as how to set things up for maximum support.

Go at your own speed and intensity

The mistake a lot of newbies make when it comes to any kind of workout is that they try to rush things too much. There are too many occasions in which you will want to try to keep up with others or speed through your workout, and this is not good for you at all! You have to make sure you go at your own speed and intensity, otherwise, you aren’t going to get the most out of the workout. It might take a few goes to get this right, and find out the right sort of pace for you personally. But, once you nail this, it will make the entire process much more beneficial to you.

Join a class

If you are finding it tough to stay motivated, or to find the right sort of workout for you, it’s important to make sure you join a class or group workout. There are plenty of classes out there you could join, and finding a great, local TRX class is a vital part of the process of helping you get the most out of your workout. Make sure you sign up, then you’ll have a much more regimented system of working out – and you’ll start to feel the benefits more!


TRX workouts have become more common and popular over the past few years, as they are an excellent way of having a fun and intensive workout, and giving your body exactly what it needs. If you’re looking to get involved in TRX workouts, make sure you follow our top tips before you get started. You’ll be a TRXpert in no time!