Things you did not know about the NFL cheerleaders

Wow, that was some Super Bowl, right? If you managed to catch the game on Sunday, you’ll have cheered on (or possibly not) The Eagles to their first-ever Super Bowl. Take that Tom Brady! Just joking, we love Tom! Anyhow, the point is that this is one of the biggest global events in sport, and everyone players their part. The players and coaches on the gridiron, the fans in the stands, and the cheerleaders.

Ah yes, for so long the unsung heroes of the National Football League, NFL cheerleaders are as much a fixture of the modern league game as Bill Belichick’s Super Bowl rings! So, who are these mystery women, and what do we know about them? Well, the next time you see these ladies entertaining the crowd at an NFL game, consider these facts you never know.

It’s ‘Super’ demanding

Sorry, quick pun there – we couldn’t resist! But seriously, being an NFL cheerleader is a highly demanding job. You have to be super fit, and can be benched if you gain weight! There are very strict rules governing what cheerleaders can and can’t do, such as swearing and drinking alcohol in public, and rehearsals are some of the most intensive you could possibly imagine. Cheerleaders are notoriously low paid and have to put in crazy hours, so this is a job you would have to do for the love of it!

It’s not a full-time job

Despite the intensity of cheerleading, it is not actually meant to be a full-time job, and this is possibly a reason why it is so poorly paid. In fact, it is often a prerequisite for being a cheerleader that you have to have a full-time job or be a student. Being a mother is considered to be a full-time job for many teams, so you can still apply as a mom!

You have to pay to audition!

So exclusive and sought after are cheerleader positions that cheerleaders are even required to pay just to audition! Some of the NFL franchises charge up to $35 bucks to audition, while the Indianapolis Colts charge around $75! But it’s not just the appearance you have to pay for, it’s also apparel, hair, makeup, and tanning. The costs can soon mount up, so you need to make sure you have the money available in order to be able to audition the best you can.

For the love, not the money

Cheerleaders don’t do cheerleading to become rich and famous – far from it in fact. Many of them do it because they love to do it, rather than because there are any financial gains to be had from it. Cheerleading can be very fulfilling and rewarding, but not if you are doing it solely for the money. Cheerleading needs to be something you do because you love it, not because you hope it will make you wealthy.

These are just some of the staggering things you never knew about NFL cheerleaders. There are so many women out there who want to be cheerleaders, but there are limited positions available on every team. So, you need to make sure you apply yourself if you are serious about cheerleading, and that you have the money to do it as well.