5 things your gym must have—and the one that’s totally useless

The gym can sometimes be intimidating, especially if you’re someone who doesn’t go a lot. There are plenty of reasons to love the gym, but there are also a lot of reasons to hate it as well. When you go to the gym, for the most part, it’s going to be because you’re interested in getting fitter as much as possible. So, you need to think about what your gym has to offer and look at the things you can use.

Not all gyms are the same, but almost all gyms will have the same sort of equipment and resources for you to use. So, that being said, it’s crucial to look at the essentials we feel all gyms worth their salt should be providing. These are essential bits of kit that play a huge role in ensuring you have the best possible workout. Here are 5 must-haves for the gym (as well as one thing that’s not necessary).

Trap bar

Weightlifting can be difficult in the gym, especially if you are trying to deadlift. Nobody wants to injure themselves during weight training, and it can be very off-putting if you’re following someone built like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Well, the good news is that the trap bar is crucial for making this an easier and more pleasant experience for all concerned. It is the easiest way of attempting a deadlift, and will save your back too!

Suspension trainer

Granted, this is a fairly new addition to the modern workout regime, but we reckon it’s also crucial for helping to get you into shape and keep you toned. And all good gyms these days should ensure they have a suspension trainer. This is the perfect form of core training, and simply adjusting stance or angles can have a big impact.


The reason the sled is such an appealing piece of kit is the fact that it’s so user-friendly. This is the piece of kit you need to use if you want to build your strength and develop your core as much as possible.Your core and your leg muscles get the work out they need when you use this – it’s essential.


You’ve seen these before, and, no, they aren’t just for show. Kettlebells are hugely important for lifting and, well, pretty much everything related to it. Presses, deadlifts, swings, etc., and this is what makes them such an essential part of any gym. You’ll be using dozens of muscles you’ve never used before, and this will help you build and improve your metabolism.

Battle Ropes

You’ll definitely have seen people using these in your gym before, and the battle ropes are crucial. They allow you to build upper strength, as well as giving you an excellent cardio workout as well. In fact, these are actually considered the most valuable piece of equipment in the gym, and you need to incorporate them into your workout regime.

35-pound plates

Weightlifting is the best way of building muscle and trying to make sure you keep your arms toned and built. But, let’s be honest here, 35-pound plates are basically pointless, and the gym doesn’t need them. If you have the 25-pound plates, and the 10-pound plates, you will have no problems making it up to 35 pounds.

So there you have it, a list of five of the things your gym absolutely must have, as well as one thing that it definitely doesn’t need. Make sure the gym you are in has these things, and, if it doesn’t, you might consider switching to a new gym as a result.